Relationships and Credit Scores

What's your sign? Could be replaced by what's your credit score? It appears credit score is becoming more and more important for some people in the dating scene."You should have asked me on our second date. Well, what's your credit score? Check please!"David and Ayanna are engaged to be married and they're talking about credit scores and apparently they're not alone.

A survey from Discover Financial Services and Match Media Group, parent of Tinder and other dating sites, shows just how appealing a good credit score can be. Financial responsibility was ranked as a very or extremely important quality in a potential mate by 69 percent of the 2,000 online daters surveyed.

That placed it ahead of sense of humor (67 percent), attractiveness (51 percent), ambition (50 percent). A good credit score was associated with being responsible, trustworthy and smart."I think is plays a pretty big role in who you want to be with, but I don't think it's what makes me decide if I want to be with them or not at the end of the day," said 19-year-old college student Gabe."Based on my age I don't see that as a major factor. Because usually if you love somebody and you're going to marry them, regardless of what their credit score is....that's for you to fix," said Shreveport resident Chris.

"I think it's funny as maybe talking about it as a joke. But I don't really think it's important to use it as a dating factor," said 20-year-old college student's chief scientific adviser and biological anthropologist Helen Fisher says, "If you've got a pretty good credit score, you probably have other good personality traits. You're not only managing your money, you're managing your family, your friends. It says a lot more about you than a fancy car."

She even called it "an honest indicator of who you really are."Both sexes in the survey valued financial responsibility highly77 percent of females and 61 percent of men. Dating someone whose score is similar to yours when you meet increases the odds the relationship will succeed, according to a study done on Credit Scores and Committed Relationships in 2015. So maybe it's a good idea to check into it?

"If you're about to marry somebody, yeah you should probably do that," said Harrison. People may be hesitant to reveal their credit scores now, but "the data suggest that it might become the norm over time," said Kate Manfred, vice president of brand communications and consumer insights for Discover. She envisions a day when people "do dueling phones and you pull up your scores right there and say, 'Look, here's my credit score, what's yours? Let's swap.'"

"I think it's maybe more like a businesslike approach to it. Which isn't a negative thing it's just different, different from the past. I think it's one of those things that things will be different in the future and everything changes," said Chris. Just make sure if your credit score is changing, it's going in the right direction if you're looking for a modern day love connection.

And what's an excellent credit score? 750 and above. 650 to 699 gets you a fair rating and below 550 is bad. If you need a way to attempt to increase your credit score however, the high cost of hiring a reputable credit repair company is Not in your budget try the website link listed below because it's free and as easy to use as "Click Print Send."

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