How to Fix Credit Mistakes1

It has become frighteningly common knowledge that nearly 80 % of all credit reports contain inaccuracies. These facts have come via a handful of independent studies performed by consumer advocate agencies. This alarming statistic can mean the difference between credit life and death to you the consumer. With approximately 200 million credit files currently active in the United States that makes for a whole bunch of mistakes. Is your personal credit file in the eighty percent being victimized or the twenty percent that is mistake free? The good news is that the answer is easy enough to find out. The even better news is that has been designed specifically with the 80 percentiles in mind.

Please keep in mind that we are not suggesting that 80 percent of all credit files contain inaccuracies severe enough to result in the denial of credit however; we are saying that any and all inaccuracies are absolutely a violation of the "Free Credit Reporting Act of 1970," which includes its periodical updates and amendments. You the consumer by law have the right to expect that all the information being reported about you be 100% accurate. is a very powerful consumer advocate tool to aide any and all consumers who have fallen victim to inaccurate, outdated, mis-leading, or even unverifiable information in their personal credit file. This also includes the countless millions whom have fallen victim to "Identity Theft."

After many years of working hard to aide consumers with their credit issues we have found one thing to be consistently true. We have found that even though the steps necessary to correct your personal credit issues appear to be simple, it almost never works out to be so cut and dry. Many road blocks whether intentional or unintentional tend to stand in your way. The everyday consumer most often finds themselves at a loss of the proper knowledge, time, and patience required to handle these most important credit situations. As a result of this too often consumers give up before a proper resolution has presented itself. Throwing in the towel may very well leave you vulnerable to the devastating effects of having derogatory information in your personal credit file. These effects can range from higher interest rates on all your credit cards, personal loans, including mortgages; to even just flat out denials when attempting to obtain any forms of credit other than secured credit cards. The scary part is that approximately only around 12 % of the population generally utilizes cash with no credit assistance when making major purchases such as a new home, RV, or even a new automobile. Do you feel that you are in the approximately 88 % that require some form of credit assistance when making major purchases?

Below you will find out what type of information to look for and some suggestions on how to attempt to handle fixing your credit. We strongly suggest that you exercise your rights that are provided to all consumers via all the laws that have been created to protect you the consumer. Remember is a cutting edge tool designed by experts in the area of credit fix solutions. This tool is easy to use while providing professional guidance that has been generally reserved to those who have paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have had done on their behalf by hiring Credit Service Organizations to perform this type of service for them.

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