Mission Statement

Creating renewed financial hope is certainly a breath of fresh air to the millions of consumers who suffer from either inaccurate, outdated, misleading or unverifiable information listed in their personal credit files. This especially includes the ever growing enormous amount of consumers who have fallen victim to Identity Theft! www.freecreditfixletters.com has been designed to be an affordable tool that can prove helpful to all consumers such as potential home buyers, automotive buyers and even job seekers who require assistance exhausting ones rights to dispute information being reported about them via the credit bureaus and collection agencies.

Your creditors rights as a consumer have been allotted through certain complex laws, statutes, and amendments such as The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 as well as others such as The Fair Debt Practices Collection Act or even the Fair And Accurate Credit Transaction Act, just to name a few. Although this site does not provide legal advice nor does it act as a substitute for professional legal counsel it does however, provide a Letter Library of pre formatted descriptive free credit repair letters to choose from depending on your individual scenario. This do-it yourself website also allows you to import your personal information into the pre formatted credit repair letters of your choice.

What you’re going to love most of all is that our “Revolutionary New State Of The Art Tool" designed to save both time and money is that it's absolutely free! That’s right a professional grade no strings attached no charge solution for you and or your significant others that's actually free, verses paying potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the same service offered by the professionals hired to perform “Credit Correction” services on your behalf. Whether you have multiple items in all three credit bureaus or only just one it's still Free!

The FTC highly recommends that consumers should pay little to no money at all for credit repair services. The FCRA states all consumers have the right to dispute or hire someone on their behalf to dispute any items in their personal credit file that you as a consumer deem to be either inaccurate, outdated, misleading or unverifiable in a timely manner being 30 business days. If you feel you fall into one of these categories we hope that this site may prove helpful. We ask that you follow the simple instructions and disclaimers prior to usage. Please note that freecreditfixletters.com does not guarantee any specific results or validity of any information input by any and all users of this website.

For complete details and instructions on how to utilize this tool that's been designed to help save consumers both time and money please visit www.freecreditfixletters.com This "Revolutionary New State Of The Art Tool," has been designed to be as easy to use as "Just Click Print & Send." Most of us can benefit or certainly know others who can benefit from a little assistance at creating some possibly long overdue financial healing so we ask that you please take a moment to "Pay It Forward" to family, friends, co-workers or even fellow church members. All of us deserve a second chance at a fresh start. Please visit www.freecreditfixletters.com and "Let The Fixin Begin!"

Sincerely, The Staff @ Freecreditfixletters.com