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Today I interviewed two brothers who work together in the most creative and unique kind of way. One brother is a Master Hair Technician and Salon Owner while the other is a Grand Martial Arts Master. Mr. Luis " Pauly" Rivera of Spring Hill, Florida is the owner of Family Affair Hair Studio which is located at 2171 Mariner Blvd. In Spring Hill, Florida. This full service hair salon is famously known for offering $6.00 haircuts especially geared towards the children of the local community. As mentioned prior the salon also offers other full on hair salon services such as; hair coloring, foiling and designer cuts, just to name a few. Now here's the twist, This hair salon also houses his brothers business which is the American Martial Arts Academy of Spring Hill, Florida.

Grand Master Robert " Bob" Rivera brother of Pauly Rivera is an exceptionally well trained martial artist with decades of experience in multiple forms of martial art techniques. Grand Master Bob is also the leader of a professional fight scene team that has been utilized by the motion picture industry. Some of his other accomplishments come by way of his unique skills as a hand to hand and close combat technique trainer, which have been utilized by the US Special Forces. Grand Master Bob has recently launched a new Bully Prevention Program designed to not only be offered directly in the Spring Hill, Florida community, he is also offering the program to the children of the local School systems as well. Having a full understanding of the terrible potentially lifelong residual effects stemming from childhood bullying, he has created an affordable plan offered to school children and their parents as a very user friendly way out of this horrific situation.

The Family Affair hair salon offers a very clean up beat atmosphere along with plenty of art d├ęcor that will make you smile. Pauly Rivera is known by many in the community as the go to guy for an affordable quality haircut. He has trained many of his staff to be equally as efficient. I have to say that this is the only hair salon I've ever been to that not only still offers a $6.00 dollar haircut, it also allows you to watch live martial arts training through the open viewing glass of the American Martial Arts Academy and Grand Master Bob who are also located inside the salon. Between the price and the live action happening inside the salon what kid wouldn't want to get their hair cut there. Grownups also welcome!

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